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I am noticing when I change settings the guests viewing the board have to wait a while to see the changes. Logged in members see the changes pretty well right away so I figure there is probably a cache setting for guests that is longer than logged in users.

A strange problem I ran into yesterday is I FULLY deleted a topic and when I checked incognito as a guest the topic was still there and I got an oops when I clicked it.

The incognito tab was open to the forum before I deleted the topic and I had visited the test topic incognito.
So on my admin tab when I deleted the topic it was gone, I refreshed the incognito page and it was still there. I then closed the incognito tab, reopened it and the deleted post was still there and that was interesting because incognito on chrome is supposed to remove all traces.

Anyways, long story short.... after a 10 minute wait the deleted topic was gone from my incognito tab.

Where do I adjust this setting for guests, it seems too long in my opinion.
Guest pages are cached for 5 minutes. It is configurable via config.php but this is set by us and we feel the default is reasonable so there’s no direct way for Cloud customers to modify it.

So this isn’t a bug it’s just an artefact of how guest page caching works.
I kind of figured that but on a related topic...

When I delete a topic and its the most recent topic in the forum instead of showing the previous topic and last poster for that forum it just says none until somebody posts and then it returns to normal. That is not an issue unless I delete a topic in a slow forum, then on the main board it just says none. So I go in and make a post in any topic and it restores the main forum view to me as the last poster.

Again, a bit odd behavior but I just thought I would mention it.
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