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Groups resource for XF


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Hey guys,

I was wondering if XF had a good groups resource, the kind that lets users create their own groups, have their own subforums so forth. I browsed the resources for about 2h yesterday to search for one and I found a paid addon that seems pretty much abandoned. Is there any addon for this? (cost doesn't matter).



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Ya, the last 2 got into my searches, I forgot to mention that in my original post. However, the Social Groups for xenforo while it's somewhat what i'll need, users reported it kinda doesn't work as intended anymore. The rest of the plugins are lighter versions with no in-depth customization such as separate group forums and so forth.

I want to "convert" this groups into a guild directory functionality for one of the sites I have. Meaning that gamers would create their own guild (group) on the site, be able to create sub-forums there and so forth. It's nothing spectacular but I didn't found that addon yet :)