XF 1.5 Groups and permissions after import

I've completed a very successful import from VB4.2. My private board with 3000 members has several groups each with their own private forum and several forums that all can access. The XF import process handled this very well. I'm very impressed.

However I know have 11 primary groups, one of which is called Registered. The Registered group does not include members of the other groups. From reading here I get the sense that all members should be included in the Registered group with the current members of that group moved to a sub group and all the other groups made sub groups.

Should I do this and if so what is the best way to do it?


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Yes, it is recommended that all members are in the Registered user group as the primary and other user groups are added as secondary.

You can use the batch update users function to perform operations on groups of members.