Google reCAPTCHA, Spam return


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We've been hearing this from a lot of our newer clients - they make the switch and tell us their old reCAPTCHA just didn't seem to cut it. Are you using the "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" updated version Allan?


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Captchas do not stop human spam. Not sure why some sites are getting targeted and others not. I have TPUs add-on on both my sites and I'm blocking every attempt on one and getting no tries at all on the other.

As far as changing to the no captcha option we saw no change since no automated spam was getting through.

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As far as changing to the no captcha option we saw no change since no automated spam was getting through.
Worth noting that a lot of the appeal behind the new version of reCAPTCHA is that it is friendlier for humans. It should be as effective as any other CAPTCHA while not frustrating your real users.

Most bots should be stopped at the door via the default anti-spam stuff, e.g. honey pots and any other additional add-ons you have. The rest of the people should be human so it makes sense to make their experience as easy as possible. Some people are even brave enough to have no CAPTCHA at all. I would suggest that disabling it completely possibly wouldn't result in any more spam than usual.


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I've been getting lot of spam after the latest update where new recapatcha is added.

Edit: Contacting the ISP gets me reply with "That is none of our concern".


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@Chris D that's actually why I turned thE captcha off entirely. No automated spam seems to be getting through just the human spam. So blocking a few data centers and a couple ISPs in Pakistan and India seem to be keeping the humans out. Its funny watching the logs because they have an interesting pattern but all fails now.


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The majority of our spam are robots who created a Facebook account in the same day. (often with a very hot woman image)


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Other example, always Pakistan with facebook account:
Allan this has really nothing to do with signing up with facebook. You are getting spam from the same source as me, except on my site they never use facebook.

Just install and be done with them forever.


@batpool52! Here is not only his pakistani spammer but your indian spammer along with a VPS spammer:

A couple more VPN spammers:

Basically once you block airtel, pktelekom and comsats pk you will start seeing them trying VPN's. Ive actually seen the same username and email address tried one minute from pakistan and then 1 minute later from a US ip using a VPN. If I gave you both my block lists I bet all your spam would disappear.

I highly recommend setting Pakistan to moderate, at least scoring india. Blocking Airtel, Comsats, and PK Telekom altogether. There is very little reason not to block the data centers in my list. Some people might not be able to sign up via a VPN but once they sign up they can login through their VPN.
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Here is the example I was looking for:

They tried from pakistan and when that failed they used a VPN service. I have both LEASEWEB and ZENMATE banned and when they tried zenmate it rejected them again.

@Allan these are humans, being paid to spam.


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bloody spammer staining the names of our countries... :mad: btw nothing from Bangladesh? :D
Not really. Pakistan I could care less about but anything not from 2 isps is moderated instead of rejected. India I moderate all but airtel which I reject. As a gaming site we might get some sign ups from India so I try to be careful. Nothing really from China at the moment. That's usually an automated spam source.


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Only use the Q&A on signups, but I blocked China, Vietnam, India & Pakistan using TAC StopCountrySpam and don't get any automated signups now.

The only human spammer I get now is someone in Mexico, but I can't block that country as we do have legit visitors. He pops along 2 or 3 times a month, creates a blindingly obvious account then quietly posts the same profile link - he's usually deleted within minutes though.