Forcing to solve Google reCaptcha for downloading XenForo and add-on files


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I don't usually make rant posts but this is just not good. Google will always force me (and possibly others?) to spend quality time solving their reCaptcha and making us solve it to download from client area is even more annoying.

If by any chance you solve the captcha too fast (pro gamer move) or select any image which shares even a tiny border with the subject we are supposed to be selecting then you have to solve ~4 more puzzles which takes even more clicks and time.

Why not just implement two-factor authentication? or something along those line?


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When I've got 8 sites up upgrade, the auto-update failed - breaking all of my sites and I get challenged to solve the hCaptcha every single time I need to download something, it is VERY annoying.

Can you please find an alternative solution for protecting the forum download system? This is frustrating.