Google Chrome Terming XF Customer Downloads As "Dangerous"

Liam W

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From reading some old threads online, it seems you should set the content-type header to application/zip for .zip files.

Just wondering if this is it?

Sadik B

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Yeah it just happened for download of my addon as well which is in an attachment. Seems to be happening for zip packages.


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It looks like just an over aggressive warning message in the latest Chrome release.
Fairly common behaviour from chrome in my experience. Especially on uncommon files. A beta release would likely qualify except if they really go by file name then each customer is unique...


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This warning is triggered by Chrome whenever you download a .zip-file and some other file extension using the latest version. Instead of hitting "discard", just press the downwards pointing arrow right of it and tell chrome to save the file whatsoever. Experiencing it a lot lately.