XF 1.4 Google ads on login page

Can someone tell me how to disable google ads only on the login in page? Google feels the need to disable my account since 2004 as a result...
Here's my main problem... the header ad is showing up on the login page and Google seems to not like it.... I am not a code whiz ..do I need a conditional on the header template or the login template? Thanks
Use this conditional:

<xen:if is="!in_array({$contentTemplate}, array('login', 'login_password_confirm', 'error', 'error_with_login', 'register_form'))">
you ad code here
Hi there. Could you explain in a bit more detail of where in XenForo I need to do this? I am not a code wiz either and lack the knowledge on where to put this.

I started to get violations recently from Adsense due to the login screen too.



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You usually add your AdSense code in a template that starts with ad_ (ACP > Appearance > Templates > type ad_ in the "Filter items" input box). In the code I posted above, replace "you ad code here" with your actual AdSene code and use that in the template where you want the ad unit to display.