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I already have a Google Analytics Web Property ID in the SEO box in Options. I've just signed up for google ads and it's now given me a tracking ID to install. Where do I put that please?

Edit - it's ok it says I don't need it if I have a Google Analytics tag

Erm - no it's not ok. I'm confused. What happened was. When I first set up the account, I got a "Google Analytics web property ID" and put that in the SEO section in options. This was while signed into my gmail account. Later, when I wanted to set up adds. I set them up under the forum gmail account (I'd opened a new one with the forum email). At the end of setting up the ads it said you needed a Google Tag (different number format) installing on the site. Then underneath said that wasn't needed if you already had a Google Analytics web Property ID" as part of Google Analytics.

But it wasn't connecting. So I realised I had a GAWP ID for the wrong Google account. So deleted it and got a new GAWP ID for the correct google account and inserted that. Google Ads are now saying I don't have the Google Tag on the site and it's inactive.

Annoyingly, the site was on page 1 of google and has now disappeared from google.

Just seeking advice before I make anything worse lol! I wondered about putting the old GAWP ID back again. But google ads didn't see that either, on set up, because it was under a different google account I assume.
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