Google ads in: Container breadcrumb (top) Above


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Placing Adsense in the Top Container works great except if you have a private forum where you have to be logged in or where you have to achieve a certain member level to view content. Because google adsense cannot view the thread it cannot load the banner ad. I have tried all the tools google supplied to allow the adsense bot to login with no success and additionally I worry it might index things I don't want it to.

Is there any way to modify the admin/options/advertising setting so that adsense can load in private forums?

I also have adsense loaded in the side html widgets and the ads load in private forums from the widgets but not in the header container.

So loading adsense in a private forum in the top and bottom container seems to be set up different from the html widget.
Anyway to open that up to adsense?
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