Good Plugin for Front Page news

Hello everyone, I am new to Xenforo and been looking around for something good for news on the front page. I want to have 5-10 news posts on the front page of my site which also are actual forum posts so people can comment on them. I am looking to do something similar to this - even though that is vB.

Anyone have any suggestions?
I tried using it, but it has some issues with what I want to do. It doesn't allow BB Code or HTML unless there is way to allow it that I haven't found out yet, and it doesn't display the pictures in the post, it uses them as the Avatar picture and if there isn't a picture, it uses the users picture, which I don't need.

I just want the original post to be displayed the same way on the front page, just like the link I showed in my first post. As you can see at my site in my sig, it doesn't work well with my site. I use a lot of pictures and bullet lists and you tube videos in my News posts, and it doesn't display them in the portal. Is there anyway to edit it so it allows HTML or BB Code and remove the avatar images?