Looking for a good plugin for detecting multi-accounts for Xenforo 2.x.x


Good afternoon everyone

The subject itself in the title of the topic, advise what plugin do you use. Preferably a paid plugin with many ways to define multiaccounts. For version 1.х.х we worked with this plugin [WMTech] - Sticky Multiple Account Info 1.1.5. Unfortunately, for version 2.x the developer decided not to update it, so for now I don't know what to choose.

Thanks in advance for your help
Out of competition ;)
None at all as it legally couldn't be used in a useful way (only if the user actively agrees to being tracked in such a way).
And the user, agreeing with the rules of the forum, where it is written that in case of blocking, he has no right to create a second account and violating these rules should be responsible for this, but it is clear that this was never seriously discussed. Do not think, on the contrary, I am in favor of companies being limited in the use of our information, but this is the Internet - here you yourself are responsible for your security and confidentiality. And from a moral point of view, add-ons for defining multi-accounts do not harm anyone in any way, so you should not always be guided by the law, for the most part, they are always far from perfect ;)
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