Good Old British Weather



That's because Fall has officially started in the NL today.
The weather is just updating :)

But yeah, yesterday was warm and beautiful here. Today it's just meh.


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This is just another Have-You-Seen video people (meaning it's all recorded right of a computer screen). Don't be fooled! The rain (beautifully done, I have to admit) is just a CGI effect Kier created mischievously with his good old AppleIIGS, which he still owned from his days when he worked for his very own CGI company! But you see... (apparently due to his heavy workload nowadays, he finds himself in sanity-challenges every so often)... he made a monumental mistake. He titled the video 'Rain Outside the Office'. Ah! The Office! Clearly one can see that his 'imagination' of a professional office environment apparently didn't took him any further then to present us with a disturbing view of what seems to be one Reading's suburbs. People, it is fake. If this would be the XF office for real, it would in itself make all potential XF customers rush out in a split-second for a trustworthy alternative! Here: this is what a professional office looks like!


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It's been nice at work for most of the day today. Just got in now from doing an early shift and guess what. It starts raining, so typical. Kier, your sure getting a lot of rain running constantly down that small window, how comes?


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Got to love Britain's non existant Summer. The land where if the big yellow thing in the sky makes a shocking appearance everybody puts shorts on and sits in beer gardens even though it's not hot. When I was a kid I remember boiling Summers on the lovely British coast filled with 99p flakes and barbeques - and Winters filled with sledging and snowball fights. Now they seem to skip right passed Summer and head straight for a mild Winter, with Xmas things already in the shops in September.

I migrated to a hotter climate and in true Brit style I moan that it's too hot. It's been 50 degrees here for the majority of the Summer so i'd love a bit of rain, although if it did start to pour i'm sure i'd be moaning about that too.


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HOT weather our first day of fall in Northeast Ohio, USA. :(
:p it was cold today.

This year has been almost completely unlike Southern California weather, as it's been constantly cold throughout the year; Last year it got below freezing which is nearly unheard of where I live.