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Live Free

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Any possible alternatives other than XenBlog? XenBlog is my leading contender but I don't want to have all development plans on hold when we don't even know the XF2 version with importer will be available this year.

I'm researching and comparing options. If I could port them to threads and then reimport them to a future solution that might be an acceptable hack, but I suspect that will require a developer to write a simple porting script. So far the only planned XF2 blog I can find is XenBlog.

Custom development is I guess an option, but that's something we'd need to pool together for.

Anyone else in this situation please keep us appraised of your intentions and any solutions you might find.

Live Free

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There a is a handful of people waiting for a proper XF2 blog system. Count me in for a project funding.
Unfortunately crowdfunding add-ons isn't allowed on, we'd have to do it off-site (I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem). Finding the right developer would be the most important aspect or we'll find ourselves in this situation again.

Recep Baltaş

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I think we should first make a list of people who will buy XenBlog 2. It's company and we'll have better support for sure. At least they a working product for XF1.