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Add-on Goal calculation and tracking add-on required.


Active member
Hi folks!

I'd like a custom add-on for XF 1.5. It'll need to be available only for the member groups with permission to do so., but within that users will then need the option to share their own entries with even more limited user groups, or to keep them completely private.

I'm being intentionally vague, but the gist is:
  • Users create an Item which contains Goals
  • Each Item renders a graph which shows the user-selected Goals and calculates what must be done to reach them
  • Users may enter their progress, and this will update what's left to be done for the user to hit their Goals
  • Users may have several Items on the go at once
  • Users may mark an Item as Complete, may alter their Goals at any point, or may delete Items altogether
  • Other users may only see the Items that haven't had their permissions narrowed down or closed off
If this sounds do-able, feel free to drop me a message and I'll give you much more detail on our requirements.