Hey all,
I recently started a new website called gamersnuts, basically a community of game server.
I'm still in the process of developing it, slowly, as images tend to take time whilst making (Via my drawing tablet, photoshop and fireworks)
It'd be awesome if you guys would criticize me on what's good and what's bad.
We'll have a few gameservers, I've got a few hundred under my sleeve to purchase gameservers when the site is finished.
I could do with some extra hands.

Here's the site URL:

I could do with some help if you wish to help me out :)

P.S: I've just recently moved to Xenforo, so some things are similar some things not so similar!
I haven't really thought of it's general use, yet.
However, I'm thinking something along the lines of "Game advertisements" a place people can advertise their gameserver, comment on them and suggest/make new clan,gaming communities..

General aspect is hard, I could do with a hand if someone wishes to help?