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Thanks for the update Robbo, I truly appreciate it.

Just to be clear, you are planning to implement the ability for users to create their own albums? That is THE feature that is most needed for my case, and I'm sure many others. I'd gladly pay for 1.x if this were a feature, or knowing that you are definitely planning on implementing it in 2.x.

All the best,

Question for you Robbo, and I don't want to get into the 'why can't you get this done in less than ......' debate, lol. What I was wondering is if I start using the Simple Gallery you've already released, and then want to switch to the new product you're going to do, will there be an import/upgrade? So, what I mean is, if my members start uploading pictures and making galleries in the Simple Gallery, will the new product be able to import those, so they won't have to upload them all again?
Yeah it would be a normal update for it. However it doesn't currently allow normal users to upload too well. 1.1 or 1.2 will put in a very basic system for user albums as a lite version until I get the big full sick version done.
People who buy the current 1.x branch at $10 will get the 2.x branch free. Consider it a massive special heh, main reason for that is so I have a nice pool of testers at my disposal.
Did i read it right?.....Does that mean if we buy Simple Gallery NOW for $10 we will get 2.x branch free?
Yes. I will be increasing the price of the 1.x branch over time to "ease" into it and not sell myself too short but still get a few people ready for beta testing.

So 1.1.x will go to $20, 1.2.x to $30 and then 2.0 beta to $50 until 1 week after stable which will be $60.
Where do we sign up Robbo? I'm already bought into Simple Gallery - do i need to chip in again??? :D

TL;DR: would you help fund development with kickstarter, price point would be $2000.

Work has started on this but I don't think I can maintain full time work for very long without some other income (meaning I would have to go get another client project which can take a long time).
I am posting here just to show some little updates and ask if people would be interested in funding development via kickstarter? The price point would be $2000 to work full time non stop until everything is in. This includes the 'global' gallery complete with child albums powered the same as nodes with permissions etc, ratings, comments, likes, sharing, bbcode to select images to put into posts, facebook style user albums (will just be called photo albums, user albums is a terrible name) that will work the same as facebook on everything including tagging and also I will have a custom watermark system which is like a basic photo editor with layers to add text, images over the top etc. Admin can set a global watermark or members can create their own on upload. Ummm bulk uploading will be supported, media like I do now but with more features (will pull in descriptions and thumbnails (also option to upload custom thumbnail for videos))... ummm select cover photo for albums... the list goes on, reporting... basically everything you would expect if KAM made a gallery.

And some images of progress so far...
wIT08.pngTiPrO.pngGallery | XenForo Test Board 1.1.2.png
I'm going to set it up now. I will drop it to $1500 just because I'm going to be living off nothing until it is reached (assuming it will be). I don't know if I can use kickstarter from Australia either, if not I'll use one of the alternatives.
Or you could just code a kickstarter clone addon for XF. lol
Haha. If this works out well as it is a bit of a risky experiment I will probably code a clone into my site to do it there. That way I would avoid all the fees etc.
How about we just turn this into software that displays images that people want to upload? Boring is good. The images do the work.

I've started the process here for the gallery. Lets make this happen. $1400 more to go.
Boring isn't good, as shown by IPB Gallery and vBulletin's gallery.

If your interface doesn't flow well between pages, and the UI doesn't make people want to use the feature it's an utter fail. It's why vBGallery got almost no usage, and why most gallery systems go under used.
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