Gallery in Monthly Statistics

I have two different sites - each with Xenforo/Gallery. When I go to Monthly Statistics at one site, I see options to get statistics on the Gallery but I do not get this at the other site.

Can you let me know how to add Gallery statistics so that both sites will be the same?

Thanks in advance

Chris D

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On the other site, can you see Daily, Weekly, Monthly Statistics at all in the navigation? If you can't see it at all (and therefore can't see other stats either like registrations, posts etc.) then that's likely an admin permission you need to have set on your Administrator account.
I can see Daily, Weekly and Monthly Statistics by going to the Tools page of Admin and on all three of these I can see Posts, Threads, User Rgistrations and everything else I can see at the site. There just aren't any checkboxes for the Gallery. I send out a newsletter that shows the counts for traffic and the Gallery is very important for my site.

I did check bot the User Group Administrator and my User Permissions and everything is set at maximum permissions.

I can pm my login details if you like.


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The other thing that could be missing (somehow) is the actual content type fields. Try running these queries:

INSERT IGNORE INTO xf_content_type
(content_type, addon_id, fields)
('xengallery', 'XenGallery', '');

INSERT IGNORE INTO xf_content_type_field
(content_type, field_name, field_value)
('xengallery', 'stats_handler_class', 'XenGallery_StatsHandler_Gallery');
Afterwards, you need to go to <url>/install/ and trigger a master data rebuild to ensure the caches are rebuild.

Has that resolved the issue?