XF 1.4 Forum doesn't prompt every user for a username.

Nicky Vermeersch

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So I recently setup my forums with account associations to ease the registration process for new people (Facebook Twitter and Google+). I tested this with trying to create a new accout using a dummy Google plus account I have lying around. This results in the following screen:


So far so good, does exactly what I want which is still asking a desired username for the forum itself. I'm using a regex expression [a-zA-Z0-9_] to validate the username (which is the same requirements for a minecraft username).

However, people still somehow manage to register with their real names, despite of the regex. I'm talking stuff like Joe Smith or Oscar Johanssen. Obviously these names shouldn't be expected with the current regex. So how does this actually happen?
Is that the exact regex you have entered? (Screenshot it just in case?)

If so, it's not really applying a specific limit as it's just testing for the presence of a particular character, not a specific format.
Yeah I am using [a-zA-Z0-9_] as registration regex, but a user who registered through Facebook ended up having his full name and space between first and last name.

I'm thinking there's a condition or a situation where not every user might see the registration screen I just posted, is this possible?
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