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  1. G

    How to use SSO (Single sign on) with existing website login?

    Hi together! We already have user management on our website. Our users should not be forced to create additional credentials and login for using the forum. Is it possible to solve that? We are very flexible and can provide whatever API or service is needed from our website. Utz
  2. D

    I have bought Xenforo. - my forum accunt is ok now ?!

    Already buy XenForo and i associated my forum username , so is ok my forum account now ?.I wonder, because i can not download or buy any free dd-on from xenforo resource page, all appear to me as unavailable. I appreciate the help. Thanks.
  3. Michael Murguia

    Wordpress -> Xenforo Bridge and User Sync

    Hello all, My needs should be fairly simple? I need a single sign on and account syncing bridge for wordpress. I have been researching this topic for a few weeks off and on now. I've installed third party add-ons, tried to get support, etc, but have not found a solution. I had a preexisting...
  4. Nicky Vermeersch

    XF 1.4 Forum doesn't prompt every user for a username.

    So I recently setup my forums with account associations to ease the registration process for new people (Facebook Twitter and Google+). I tested this with trying to create a new accout using a dummy Google plus account I have lying around. This results in the following screen: So far so...
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