Forum Design

1. Been looking more closely at your clean design and I'm more impressed than before. Who came up with the layout and colors?

2. Your forum looks next-generation but your sticky pin and lock look old school.
People stick a message because it's important. Maybe use an explanation point instead of a pin? Locked messages are actually read only. Maybe use an r/o instead of a lock?


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For #2, it's just the Fugue icon set. Of course, you can use whatever icon set you want on YOUR board. But the Fugue icon set works just fine as a default, and I imagine it will be very easy to change any and all images to better fit your tastes.


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I like them too I have to admit. But I design my own icons granted they aren't as nice as the fugue icons but something unique is what I prefer.


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I'll see about creating some custom ones for you guys to use as a basis to make your own. Save you all sometime. I don't like the pin nor the lock, maybe something else instead of a lock or r/o would be best. I'll throw something together tonight and show previews to see what the developers think and then just a matter of forwarding the psd's over.