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Forum competition prizes

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by topcat, May 30, 2014.

  1. topcat

    topcat Well-Known Member

    I like to do the odd competition on my forum but I am running out of ideas for prizes.

    I have given all sorts of forum based prizes such as credits from the credits mod. Sparkling user names etc.

    Members on my forum are from all over the world and while some wouldn't mind giving me their postal address many others don't like to, so physical prizes are a no no.

    I don't mind spending a few quid on a prize if there's anything on line that may appeal to members.

    Any one got any suggestions for prizes or prizes you have given on your forums

  2. Gazhyde

    Gazhyde Well-Known Member

    We've given away mugs, tee shirts, calendars, car cleaning products, key rings...

    Very little you can't get your forum name printed on these days for a reasonable price.
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  3. Goodfella

    Goodfella Well-Known Member

    What i did for my first giveaway is i found a shoe vendor who was willing to donate a pair of shoes that we gave out. For our current giveaway we are doing a gift card. I believe gift cards can be purchased without the address.
    This is a great thread i will definably use the tee shirt, calendar, mug idea!!
  4. topcat

    topcat Well-Known Member

    Yeah i did toy with the idea of having some flash drives with my forum logo printed on them, but when i suggested it i got quite a few moaning about giving their address o a forum ??? to receive the prize
  5. Dakis

    Dakis Well-Known Member

    how about giving them gift vouchers from relevant e-shops so they can go online and use them directly?
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  6. Flexin

    Flexin Active Member

    I find that odd that they are complaining about that. It is only an issue when they win. And I don't see the problem. I gave away an automotive related key chain. That member had not problem giving an address to receive the prize. I won a prize on a motorcycle forum before and had no problem giving it up. Maybe on a brand new forum it is different.

    I have tried to give away money and there was no interest. Some prizes are hit and miss. I need to get my tshirts done. There seemed to be interest in those.

  7. SelfSufficientMe

    SelfSufficientMe Well-Known Member

    I agree and use vouchers like for books etc - easy to email or pc.

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