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Photo / Image Competition with a Question forum


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Photo / Image Competition - How to easily have a photo/image competition with Question forum type

10 mins to create/convert a forum node to a Question forum type, and a couple of basic Template Edits to have a quite effective photo/image competition on your site for members.

Goal: A forum node with a thread, per month, where members will submit their photo/image entry. Members will vote on photos/images they like. At the end of the month, the post with the highest votes is marked as the Winner by a moderator/staff member. Celebrate!

Step 1: Create, or convert...​

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Thanks for that idea for competitions and the info to make it happen. Excellent
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Mr Lucky

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The only thing I would suggest though is that for a competition, voting should only start once all the entries are in.

So in the month you don't allow voting until beginning of last week, when you cut off allowing new posts in the thread.

Otherwise you find that people who get their photos in first will have a big advantage.

A refinement of this is to add a third stage whereby you get a shortlist of the 5 with most votes and create a poll of those 5. It becomes like nominations and then final exciting stage you build up to.
But that's getting maybe too complicated, and would really work best if you could show the images in the actual poll to compare (I think i have a suggestion for that somewhere)

EDIT: no I don't, but I found this:



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The only thing I would suggest though is that for a competition, voting should only start once all the entries are in.
We used to do that, but found it didn't really add any value, more over it reduced engagement and encouragement for the entries.
By allowing people to vote immediately, the entrant got encouragement, the participants were engaged from the beginning.


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Thanks for taking the time to explain how to achieve this @Mouth

I'm currently setting it up on my forum for a trial to see how it works out. Just a few things I've noticed when setting it up.

If you create a Question Forum then you also get all the additional filters at the top of the forum like this:

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 12.10.01.png

I don't think it makes sense to keep these for how I want to run the competition. So I changed the forum type back to General Discussion and then changed the individual thread to a question instead. This way I don't get all the filters appearing. Yes I need to change the thread type each time I setup a new competition, but it's not a big deal. My theme also displays icons next to the nodes in the forum view, so this also avoids having a question mark next to the competition forum.

One thing that I would really like to change is where you can see the number of replies in the below screenshot. Is it possible to change this to entries some how? When it is setup as a question forum then it says answers here instead like shown above.

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 12.15.18.png



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I've been tinkering with this a little more and it appears to work really well.

However, although winner is displayed instead of solution at the top of the thread when the winner is selected.

Screenshot 2020-11-21 at 07.22.38.png

The original post in the thread is still marked as the solution and not winner next to the data/time stamp in the below shot. Should this be changed to winner as well? I could have messed something up when following the instructions!

Screenshot 2020-11-21 at 07.29.06.png



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I had a question? is there a way to create 2 child themes templates separate to the default them and use only the 2 child themes for that node.
So both winner shows up as what @Timmie posted in his photos above

if I am saying this correct, what I mean is:
instead of changing the default themes wording to Winner vs Solution on your main theme you are using
- because you might be using the Solution wording as well on another node.

how can you create another child theme to use for only that one node.

(if possible) can someone explain that to me or give me guidance

thank you so much @Mouth for this guide
and thank you to anyone else in advance for your help




thanks @Mouth for your guide, I really appreciate. Has anybody an Idea how we could mange that Members can` t change their vote after they once voted?