XF 1.4 Forgot password not sending e-mail


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Hi, when I click on forgot password then I click on the link from the e-mail i get "The requested page could not be found." any ideas why this is happening?


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When I get the reset password it also e-mail the user name with it. That is not very secure. Can I remove the username information from that e-mail and leave only the password? Thank you.


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It's really a moot point because if you have the email, you have the email address which you can login with.


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mmm... :D i guess you are right...:p

I was thinking on their user name and password forgot about the e-mail that can also be used as the user name.

maybe in the future we can have user name (not e-mail) and password, in which case it might be more secure because you would have to know both.