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For Hire: Someone to make my xenforo forum "pretty"

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by beverywhereyouare, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Hey everybody,

    I'm a personal productivity speaker. I'm using Xenforo as a membership site - and posting things like youtube videos of my webinars & accompanying pdf resources (like handouts, and step-by-step guides).

    My forum's installed, and has Audentio Drift theme. Ive got "free" membership access linked with my CRM (OntraPort).

    Here's what I need:
    • Basic admin setup:
      • Email me a copy of posts
      • Setup responses for posts that members make (they see who replies to them)
    • Design:
      • I need to make my forum "pretty" - and not scary for the basic forum rookie (like me, and my customers)
      • I need an interface that's intuitive, and helps make navigating all the great resources I have easy

    I do have members in my site, but don't really have any "activity" yet. that's going to change very shortly. I wasn't confident in the current design, and ease of getting around for the beginners, so I haven't been putting much in there. While I'm obviously not clear yet, I'd guess that there's a good 20-hours or so here.

    If you're interested:
    • Give me a loose sense of what something like this might cost ?
    • Share a forums (or two...) you've done & would call "easy to navigate creative interfaces"
    • Give me a sense of how available you are to work on this project
    I need someone who can knock this out right away.


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