Looking for someone to make a simple addon (I hope anyway)


Ok folks, I'm in the process of transferring my old site dartplayer.net from a phpnuke site to a xenforo site and have a section that will need an addon to work in xenforo. It's a darts practice rankings page in the old site. Basically people would update or post their scores (on certain preset games) into a tool that would then update their scores with the new ones and display them on a chart. Here is what shows when they enter their scores: 1508184484906.png
Please let me know if you can help me get this working on a xenforo site.


Had some responses to this but nothing definitive yet. I think this addon won't be too involved. It requires a page to enter scores kinda like this:

After login the user can click a link to 'Practice Rankings' and then will see the scores (as above) and at the bottom a way to update there own like this:
Bob's 27-- _______
100@20's -- ________
50@Bulls -- _________
RTW -- ________
CCU -- _______
BH RTW -- _____
Catch 40 -- _____

Of course the ____ represents an input box of some sort. Formatting should be simple. The UPDATE would be a button
Then below this would be a scrolling update showing the last dozen or so updates in the same format as above but for just this user.


Here are the fields in the Nuke database:
And there are only two fields:


So the user enters their scores to nuke_sewa_practice and the scores are maintained in nuke_sewa-practice_history

Obviously the entry box is the first and the display above comes from the 2nd as well as the display below which is just the users history only.

Make sense?