Footer ALWAYS at bottom?

steven s

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Any way to make the footer always appear at the bottom of the screen not the page when the page doesn't fill the entire screen?


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A quick and easy fix is to set a min-height in Style Properties -> General -> Content -> Miscellaneous

steven s

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Interesting effect but I probably didn't explain what I want to do properly.
When the page does not require s vertical scroll bar, I'd like the grass in the footer to be at the bottom rather than having all that white space below as in the image towards the top.


steven s

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Great start.
For starters I copied all the css code to EXTRA.css

above <xen:hook name="body"> added <div class="wrapper">
above <footer> added <div class="push"></div></div>


Now I need to tweak the css so there is no vertical scroll bar and remove unnecessary css.


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eh...that's just human nature. Put 5 people in a round room and you'll come out with 4 opinions and at least one really bad idea....LOL

I just thought it looked cool. Although, I thought the header and footer were interesting combo...