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Implemented Filter: Sort by rating


Well-known member
The current "Sort by: Rating" functionality only sorts by the number of ratings. This is really un-intuitive in my opinion, as I'd rather expect it to sort by the actual rating value (5 starts, 4 stars, etc.). Surprisingly, there also is no way to sort by the rating value either. I'd like to have the option to sort by the rating value and a more clear labeling of the sorting option "Rating" as "Number of Ratings", to outline what it actually does.


XenForo developer
Staff member
It's not sorted by the number of ratings -- it's sorted by a weighted average of the rating. You can confirm this here: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/?order=rating_weighted&direction=desc

(First has 141, second 102, third 137.)

The sorting using (IIRC) a Bayesian average to try to keep genuinely top rated items at the top. With a simple average, a resource with one 5-star rating would be higher rated than another with 99 5-stars and one 1-star (since the pure average would be slightly below 5). Bayesian weighting resolves this.


Well-known member
While a good way to sort, it seems a bit untransparent to the general user in my opinion.

I'd still like to be able to sort by the number of ratings and by the real average then though.