Find results matching ANY keyword (with option?) instead of ALL and just sort by relevance


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My users have complained on multiple occasions after switching from vBulletin search to XenForo Enhanced Search because they want to enter a bunch of synonyms and get a whole swath of results instead of none. For example, they want to write "troll gnome ogre goblin" and find a lot of similar things but they expect none of them contain all these words in tandem. I can understand how XenForo search is better at narrowing down results, but it seems limiting to at least not have the option to switch between any/all or maybe even a syntax to use which would allow it, maybe even combined.
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@Ralle you can use the pipe "|" to-do OR, + for AND, and - for NOT. Pity this isn't documented anywhere.

This is a bit confusing to me. I just tested and it seems the pipe | for "or" only works if it has a space either side, but + needs to have no space.