Few random questions


I stubble across XenForo and I have used SMF, MyBB etc.. I never purchased a forum system because I poor college student lol. I am unsure about some things and I would be very thankful to have someone answer some questions I have.

1. I currently have 20gb of space on my server while I assume this is not ideal, would it be able to support up to 500 members at this state until I get some donations coming in to fund a dedicated server?

2. Does cloudflare dns + sll work well with XenForo?

3. What exactly is "Media Gallery and Resource Manager" they seem incredibly expensive. How important are these to have? Would I regret not buying these?

4. (Non Related) How do people like the sound of domain name "CreatorSpot.TV" a forum for twitch, youtube and other creators to talk together and learn from one another (aka my plan).

5. What kind options do I have for donation system (free) that works with XenForo. People donate and they get promoted to new rank (more features the better). Also any other addon recommendations for someone like me?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
  1. Disk space is really only a priority if you plan to store a lot of avatars and attachments. 2oGB is plenty, certainly for a new board.
  2. Yes, we actually use CloudFlare here at XF.com. There's a small tweak to make with regards to user IP addresses; this is documented at CloudFlare's support site.
  3. Media Gallery is this. Resource Manager is this. If you don't need these features, don't buy them. You can purchase them at any time in the future if you change your mind.
  4. Sounds ok :)
  5. XenForo has a built in User Upgrades system. You choose a price (it can be one off or recurring) and that can either permanently or temporarily promote them to a new user group. This should work for what you want to do.