Favourite Ipad/Iphone App


I bought myself an Ipad 3 and the amount of apps on offer is often making it difficult to decide which could enhance my life.

Presuming I am not the only person, I thought it would be interesting to find out what app or apps individuals find it difficult to live without.

Many are country specific so if you chose one that is please include your country.

Here are my suggestions and most are UK specific:

UK Train Times
Live bus arivals
NavFree GPS (these exist for many countries)
iBooks (my personal favourite as I read a lot)

Chris D

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I'm in the UK too.

The Sky News App is brilliant. The paradox though, for me at least, is that on the PC I prefer the BBC News Website over the Sky News yet on the iPhone and iPad I prefer the Sky News app over the BBC News app.

Like Games? Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, Scramble with Friends, Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends and Draw Something are all good time killers.

My boss likes reading and also owns a Kindle so the Kindle app is essential for him.


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Dropbox and other cloud services are great except I have more than 16 GB on a flash drive that is always in my pocket or plugged into a computer. None of this even includes photos and images. This is just lesson plans, worksheets, notes, etc for my classes.

Worse dropbox is blocked by the school district.

On Topic - my favorite iPad application are iBooks, Kindle, and the magazines. The most used is the browser :)