XF 1.5 Favicon on AdminPanel


Hello. Thanks for checking out my thread, i hope you can help me :)

So... ... as you can probably tell from the thread title, i would like to set a favicon on XF-cPanel.
Why? becuase i have another icon cached and i do not like that. Besides that, i would like to have it a bit changed, compared to public forum.

As i saw in some other threads mentioning favicon, noone ever asked for this, or i just did not find that thread, i am pretty interested how to do that.
If possible, tell me what HTML template that includes <head> is used for admin panel, since i suppose that would be the easiest way do modify the icon.

Thank you for any info in advance.


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Any changes to the ACP HTML would require an add-on. Otherwise, it will just come from the root of your domain (favicon.ico). If that's what you don't like and it's cached, your browser will resolve it over time.