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  1. questlot

    XF 2.2 Forum Statistics aren't showing anymore in Desktop Browser

    Recently I noticed my forum Statistics in admin panel is blank and doesn't display any information when accessed on my desktop browser but works well on mobile devices. I have used different browser the problem still remain same. Aside that the following options also don't display anymore in a...
  2. P

    Not a bug Admin CP -> Groups and Persmissions -> Moderators - timout while loading

    I have a forum with 1500+ nodes. There are also quite some moderators for those forums. When i go to "Admin PC > Groups and Permissions -> Moderators" then page times out and i get the familiar PHP error of 30 seconds execution time. It most often time out in src/XF/Extensions.php but also in...
  3. Z61

    Unmaintained Minimum thread title length 2.0.1

    Features Require a minimum amount of characters for thread titles on a per-forum basis. Allow certain users/user groups to bypass the requirement with a permission on a per-forum basis. Screenshots Node permission page: Forum edit page: Thread saving without permission:
  4. MaGeFH

    Fixed Uninstalling Addon - Backend/CLI don't behave the same way

    I noticed that when uninstalling an AddOn the behavior of XF2 differs between Admin CP and CLI. When uninstalling via Backend, the class extensions seem to be valid until the very last step has passed. In CLI mode this is not the case and you will be given something like "The site is currently...
  5. enivid

    Lack of interest Display "More Users" link in IP Addresses list only if there are more users on that IP

    I believe displaying the "More Users" links in the IP Addresses list (when editing a user in the Admin CP) is unnecessary and confusing. It would be much useful and productive to show such links only for those IP addresses that indeed have more users on them, not just the user I am currently...
  6. aljaxus

    XF 1.5 Favicon on AdminPanel

    Hello. Thanks for checking out my thread, i hope you can help me :) So... ... as you can probably tell from the thread title, i would like to set a favicon on XF-cPanel. Why? becuase i have another icon cached and i do not like that. Besides that, i would like to have it a bit changed...
  7. Z61

    Unmaintained Minimum Thread Title Length

    Allows administrators to set or disable a thread title length minimum requirement on a per-forum basis as seen below. If the user (of any rank) inputs a title less than the value given, an error will be shown.
  8. X

    Unmaintained User Criteria by Xon 1.3.3

    Adds some User Criteria/AdminCP search options designed to help some misc admin tasks If the home page is set. If the time between registration and last activity is X days. User has a gravatar avatar User does not have a gravatar avatar User has a custom avatar stored locally User does not have...
  9. SnipeDragon

    Unmaintained Rich Admin Group Names 20160814

    This simple addon adds rich username groups to a couple of locations that usergroups are displayed around the Admin CP. Currently, rich usergroup names are added in the following locations: List User Groups Edit User Group Please feel free to suggest other places within the Admin CP that...
  10. N

    XF 1.5 Vanishing Column in Forum Nodes Tree in AdminCP

    Well, today i hit the 500 node mark... o_O and as soon as i created the 500th node the following Create new... column with drop-down options simply vanishes altogether... Showing 499 of 499 items... Showing 500 of 500 items... dang! the Create New... column is gone without a trace... without...
  11. Abracadaniel

    XF 1.5 Ability to postpone some action, like remove group from user

    Is there any addon or already existing functionality that allows creating one-time actions with timer? Something that triggers after some time automatically? Example usage: Add user to Group1. Set timer task: Remove user from Group1 after 3 days. After 3 days, forum would remove user from...
  12. Alteran Ancient

    Lack of interest Add/Edit Admins page - Password confirmation inconsistency

    This is mostly just a usability gripe, but regardless, some people regard inconsistency and usability as bugs or defects. When you add or edit administrators as a Super Admin, there is a confirmation for your password at the top of the form. I regularly forget to complete this, make changes...
  13. Daniel Hood

    Lack of interest Admin Panel "Created By" AutoComplete

    In the template: "helper_thread_search_criteria" changing <xen:textboxunit label="{xen:phrase created_by}:" name="criteria[username]" value="{$criteria.username}" /> to <xen:textboxunit label="{xen:phrase created_by}:" name="criteria[username]" inputclass="AutoComplete AcSingle"...
  14. P-Body

    Not planned Stay logged into Admin CP when 'stay logged in' option is selected

    I just checked out a free demo earlier and I checked the 'stay logged in' box when I logged in. I went in the admin cp and after a few minutes,I would click on something or refresh the page and it would show the admin cp login. My suggestion is; when you check the 'stay logged in' option,it...
  15. Liam W

    As designed Going to admin group without permission loads page...

    Didn't know how to explain what I mean, and still don't... Basically, if you don't have permission to say, manage users, but you go to admin.php?users, you still get the users page (albeit blank). This is more obvious with development tools - the entire page loads, with all the page picture...
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