Lack of interest Add/Edit Admins page - Password confirmation inconsistency

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Alteran Ancient

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This is mostly just a usability gripe, but regardless, some people regard inconsistency and usability as bugs or defects.

When you add or edit administrators as a Super Admin, there is a confirmation for your password at the top of the form. I regularly forget to complete this, make changes, click "Save", and then get the error telling me that I have not completed the field.

Instead, I would expect this confirmation to either be at the bottom of the form, just before the submit button, or as a confirmation modal when attempting to click "Save", similar to clicking the "Delete" icon whilst viewing the list of Admins.

If you feel that this is a suggestion and not regarded as a "defect", then feel free to relocate it to Suggestions.

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This is definitely something I would consider to be more of a suggestion.

It's specifically at the top because everything below relates to the user in question. Having an extra password field there may be misleading.
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