XF 1.3 Admin CP Favicon?

I've changed the favicon for my main site using the PAGE_CONTAINER, but I tried doing the same for the admin templates and also changing it in the PAGE_CONTAINER, but for some reason, when I'm not logged into the panel, the favicon doesn't show, but when I log in, it appears.


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You don't need to do anything to get a favicon to show.
Just upload one to your web root.
I just checked and my .ico file is in the web root, but you still in to add the "Shortcut link rel" code to the PAGE_CONTAINER template, and that's what I've done.

Although, my actual question is how come it is not showing it when I go to the AdminCP. I've put that same code in the admin PAGE_CONTAINER, and it only shows the favicon when I'm logged into the admin panel.