XF 2.2 Failed Upgrade (addons)


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Hi all,

I just upgraded from 2.1.11 to 2.2 which appeared to work OK.

Then I went upgrading some addons, one of which failed and did not appear to recover from.

I had a backup of files and I thought I had a backup of the db, but as it turns out, the db export had some error but I was not shown anything on screen to tell me that (myphpadmin problem).

So I can't restore my db as half of it is missing.

My only other db backup I have was from 2.1.9 which I am happy to go back to. I have restored that db, but when I try and view the forums, nothing loads. I just get a HTTP ERROR 503.

I think this could be because of a mismatch between having the files from 2.1.1 and a db from 2.1.9.

How should I go about restoring the xenforo2 files from 2.1.9 in this scenario?

I have the config file that will work with the db, so do I just copy up all the other files from the installation?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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The files and DB must match.
Well, I tried it and all I get when i try and load the forum is a blank page, so better than a 503 error but something else is obviously stopping it from working....

If I just try and run the install/index.php it sees I have existing config entries and that xf is already installed.
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Check for a blank index file on the server in the directory where XF is installed.

Anything in the browser inspector?
F12 then select the console tab.

Can you access and log in to admin.php directly?