Facebook's new new new design


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Facebook seems to redesign its pages once a year almost like clockwork, and just as users get used to it they change it all over again.

It looks like they've been pushing out the latest design today heavily, and I have to honestly say this is the worse change they've made so far. Usually I'm okay with their updates but something about this one just seems awful. What's worse is that they didn't even prepare users for the change like they've done before and adding features that don't really explain themselves.

What is everyone else's thoughts?


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Well, since you tweeted me a link to this, I suppose I'm supposed to reply... :rolleyes: lol

I don't like it:
  • Too busy--too many columns of information, too many different and unrelated sections near other, etc.
  • NOTHING in the ticker is currently about people I even know, so why do I care about it?
  • I can't filter to status updates only like I always did before. Sorry, but I don't care to see everyone's drunken party photos and bathroom mirror shots. :p
That's all I'll complain about since I don't post (I read things multiple times daily, but don't interact as much recently) much on Facebook anymore--Twitter's my main habitat (as I'm sure my followers are aware :LOL:).


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Kinda funny how Facebook pushes out their new UI on the same day Google Plus goes public beta lol


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If you can't see the 'updated' Facebook layout, then just change your language to English (US) and if you see it and you don't want to see it then change your language to English (UK). Sorted!

As for Google+, at the moment no-one really uses it as far as I am aware (well, in my account anyway) but I think it's mainly because no-one is on there (they are, I'm just not connected with them). People will go where their friends are, and if their friends are all on Facebook then Facebook is where they will go.


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Facebook seems to redesign its pages once a year almost like clockwork, and just as users get used to it they change it all over again.
Once a year? They've re-designed it 3 times in the past week and a half!

I HATE it! The scrolling ticker on the right is playing havoc with my ADD. Very distracting. PLUS, the same thing that's on that ticker is on your newsfeed. Redundant!

They've completely screwed up the Lists feature.

NOW they're forcing us to view "top stories" that they assume we'll want to read before our regular news feed.

STOP it already!

(I don't like google +)


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..and all of you will continue to use it, and will get used to it within a week.
I've already been cutting back over the past month or two: photos are gone, old posts are being weeded out, my visits and posts have been cut back, etc. When I'm done it will just be a shell account with my email and phone number so "friends" can find me. At least via mobile, it gets rid of some of the clutter. Some of the changes also have privacy implications, so I'm pretty much done with FB.

I posted this on my Google+ today:

Just had a funny thought: comparing the changes on Facebook to today's fiasco against what we had last week, it is like someone took my XenForo forums and switched them all back to vBulletin. Aaaaaahhh!!


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I think it is really awful.

Not only is the design confusing and unfocused, but the way its new functionality has transformed the traditional news feed into an "intelligent" collation of my networks' content frustrates me.

I don't want Facebook predicting which stories they think are most relevant to me. That kind of collation diminishes the whole idea of social networking, which is to unbiasedly retain connections with people I know.