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I searched the forum but didn't see anyone else post about this (that showed up in search anyways).

When I share a Media page on Facebook, example:

The description that shows up on Facebook is the EXIF note on the site:

Do I have a setting out of whack somewhere, and if not, has any thought been given on whatever has to be done to get the caption or description for the photo to be used instead?

Chris D

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Well, that's very unusual.

Your page contains this tag:
<meta property="og:description" content="Killer new Saxon deluxe box!" />
And that tag is specifically for providing the description here.

The good news is, their debug tool is showing me the correct info:

It may well be the case this is something weird on Facebook's end. I'm also not entirely sure, but the fact that it's showing the correct info on there now, may well mean the issue is now corrected and it is picking up the wrong tag. It does heavily cache all the information so hopefully it will be correct now.