1. AnjaC

    Fixed Gallery bug: wrong date in the exif data

    The XF Media Gallery shows the modification date not the recording date when the picture is processed with some imaging software such as lightroom or Nikon Capture and some more. The recording date of the attached picture is 04/19/2019 not 04/21/2019. Creation Date (iptc)...
  2. C

    XF 1.5 Re-read EXIF Orientation tag of attachments

    I mistakenly had the exif PHP extension disabled on my forums for a while, and in the meantime several images had been uploaded as attachments to posts. I have since enabled the exif extension, and new image attachments are being displayed properly. Image attachments that were uploaded while...
  3. R

    XF 2.0 iPhone Photo Orientation

    Lately I've been having a significant number of users post iPhone photos that have incorrect orientation. I know support for EXIF orientation tags has already been implemented in XF, and I believe it's working (posting my own sideways orientation photos from my iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 11.4.1...
  4. Amin Sabet

    Add-on Paid request: addon to show EXIF information of attachments in an image overlay

    My sites are photography forums, eg mu-43.com and nikoncafe.com I'd like a XF1.x addon which shows specific EXIF information for forum image attachments in a small overlay over the image like this blue bar overlay: Only I'd want the overlay to be gray rather than blue and located at the...
  5. Kintaro

    Lack of interest photo attachment comments

    I would like to see photo info and comments on zoomed photos attachments lightbox (like facebook ecc).
  6. Sim

    EXIF cache very large

    After migrating 280,000 photos into XFMG for our ZooChat migration last week, I rebuilt the EXIF data and was a bit alarmed to find that the xengallery_media table was now very large. Before I rebuilt the data, the table was around 60MB for 280,000 photos, but now it's 1.9GB according to...
  7. CreationNation

    MG 1.1 Facebook sharing description

    I searched the forum but didn't see anyone else post about this (that showed up in search anyways). When I share a Media page on Facebook, example: http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/media/saxon-battering-ram-deluxe-box.15/ The description that shows up on Facebook is the EXIF note on the...
  8. Amin Sabet

    Lack of interest Retain copyright info for image attachments

    I noticed that image attachments have all metadata stripped, including copyright. It's important to my members that their copyright info is retained. Would ideally like to have the option of retaining all image metadata for attachments (eg, EXIF) but especially copyright. EDIT - Do I have...
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