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Hello, is there a fix for the share button on mobile? As of right now when you click share from a mobile device, it will open up all the options to choose from, (text, Google, IG etc.), but when you click Facebook it opens the share dialogue but doesn't allow members to post into Facebook groups or on Facebook pages, which is huge part of what we will be doing. Is there a way to have the Facebook browser launched instead? this will give the option to share on Facebook pages and groups. It works this way on desktop just fine, but not on mobile. All our other websites (not Xenforo) open up the browsers on mobile allowing us to share easily into the groups, so I know this is possible, I'm just not sure if I have something set up wrong, or its default, and perhaps someone knows how to change it? Thank you.
The share button will pass the link to the device's native share functionality, what happens from there is entirely up to the device (and selected app). You can disable the native share functionality by unchecking the "Enable web share button" option in the control panel, which should fallback to the regular links.
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