Third party Facebook Recommend

Steve F

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I'm really not sure whether this is a actual XenForo bug but I'm not entirely sure where else to post this as it happens on every XenForo board I visit.

Happens in Chrome and Firefox.

While logged into Facebook I see this


If I logout of Facebook i get this

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I'm logged in to Facebook and I see this:

If I log out of Facebook I see this:

Do you have your FB account associated?

Steve F

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I was leaning toward it being something on my end, but to be honest don't even know where to begin tracking it down. Cleared cookies and such but no change.


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Unfortunately, this is entirely controlled by Facebook -- from the JS to the iframe and all the content. As such, there isn't generally much we can do if it doesn't display correctly. Note that Facebook does roll out changes constantly so it's certainly possible that those changes can break things temporarily.