XF 1.1 Facebook Integration looks different

Chris K

New member
Hi there,

I just got XF and am very pleased with it so far, but ran into a minor issue with FB integration that I was hoping to get help with. When I signed up to this forum (xenforo.com) using the Login With Facebook button I got the standard non-scary FB permission request page that everyone is used to (see attached "xenforo.png") but when I do the same on my forum, I get this ugly page that I've never seen before with a "Go to App" button (see "My Fourm.png") that takes you to a different permissions page that asks for only 1 permission instead of 4 (see "different permissions.png"). So my questions are:

1. Why am I not getting the standard-looking FB permissions page on my site?
2. Why is my site only asking for permission to "post on my behalf" instead of asking for all the permissions that xenforo.com asks for?

I like the FB integration on this site and would like mine to mimic it as closely as possible.