XF 1.5 Facebook Integration doesn´t work properly..

Hi all!! Best regards for all! And sorry for my poor english!

The problem: I already did the FB integration, and the people CAN be registered in my forum with the FB account -it´s OK!-

BUT... when i want to Recommend/like any post in the forum, in this post APPEAR -OK!- the legend "You like this post"
But seeing my own facebook account, i don't see ANY of this.. Why??..

And if i go to PCA, and i made the test with FB integration, i saw this error:

But the users CAN access the forum from fb anyway... ¿¿??

Inside the facebook app, i have:

What is wrong with this??.. I need this Oauth service? Or can i delete it "without consecuences" ??

Thanks in advance! (a lot!!)
Thanks guys for your answers!

@Mike did you say i have to disable "all" OAuth verifications?

Aditional question, Can i delete the "Facebook login" PRODUCT, but keep working the facebook integration ?

Thanks in advance again!!