Facebook image links dead

I am working through some pretty significant issues with images on my site from many years of different input methods like allowing uploads, linking and different formatting from forums software.

One thing that I have noticed is that I have tens of thousand of facebook images that are not working. I have tried to research this on the Internet and you can see that there are sites and even facebook pages that have this same problem. I am confident that all of these links are not dead or content that has been deleted or removed. I did read in some sites that Facebook had changed servers etc and this could leave old link dead. Folks were changing the server names etc to fix this issue.

My question, has anyone had any experience with facebook links like this before, if so what was the fix?

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It's not clear what the issue is.

The URL you have posted is from a Facebook server and just results in a "content not found" message.

What is the exact issue with the "facebook images that are not working"?


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It would be something you have to address to FB as the content is hosted by them.

It's not an XF support issue.

Understood, wasn't necessarily pointing to xenforo so I apologize if I started this thread in the wrong forum....

Thank you Brogan at least I am surely one step closer...