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Facebook (Help Needed)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedstangs, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. wickedstangs

    wickedstangs Well-Known Member

    It looks like I have 2 Facebook accounts. But, they both act as one. I am trying to separate them.

    I have two different log in for both, but when I log in to my personal it post on my wicked stangs account and then it stays on wicked stangs facebook account.

    When I log in to my personal account. Go to setting and it says USE Facebook as Wicked Stangs Mustang Club

    On my Wicked Stangs account it shows my name and will not let me remove it: Do I have to contact FB and tell them to make this a PAGE?

    When I log into my Wicked Stangs Page above pic and go to setting I get this?

    What am I doing wrong? Should I delete and start over or make it a PAGE?
  2. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    Stop confusing them as accounts. Your "page" isn't your facebook account, your facebook account is the one that you use your e-mail address/password to log in.
    On the left hand side you should be seeing a list of pages you manage, one of them is your site's page. Go there, and you should be seeing this:
    Click "Change to [Your Name]" to revert back to what you want.
    Nah. Not necessary.
    Here's an idea: Don't use that little box to view your page. That listing is grouped as "user options." If you want to see your site's progress on the page, you use the left hand side. And no, you don't have to tell them to make this a page, it's already a page, it's just that you're doing it wrong.

    EDIT: It explicitly says "Use Facebook as..." Why would anyone want to use facebook as a page?
    No, 100 times hell no.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2014
  3. wickedstangs

    wickedstangs Well-Known Member


    ok when I log into my account. It takes me to my page (NO ADMIN)

    When I Type in Wicked Stangs Mustang Club (ADMIN LIKE YOUR PAGE)
  4. wickedstangs

    wickedstangs Well-Known Member


    I guess I made another page and that is causing my issues??????? I should delete one?
  5. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    Yeap. Click your name. (Click after it says "Change to.") It'll probably remove your name from the page. The only thing that this does is "separate" your account from the page in the sense that Facebook will stop acting as if the page is one and the same with your individual account. It won't completely disconnect it from your account (which is what you DON'T want to do if you still manage the site).
    No, follow the steps I described just now. That page looks like a shorter version of the first one.

    What's your goal with each site page?
  6. wickedstangs

    wickedstangs Well-Known Member

    I like to have just one Static Page for Wicked Stangs Mustang Club
  7. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    You realize we're talking about your site's Facebook page, right? Not a static page, or static page for Wicked Stangs Mustang Club (which I don't see in the link provided). Right?

    Here, I have a suggestion: Give administrator powers to one of the accounts where you want to "move" your second Wicked Stangs Mustang Club. You have two personal/individual accounts (Right?), and each has a Wicked Stangs page, right? So, move your page over to the main account where you want to start using it.

    Once you've confirmed the page move: Merge both pages. Yep. As long as it represents the same thing, Facebook will merge them together. You will have to decide which one is going to be the main page. You will have to be sure that this is what you want. There's no going back after this.
  8. wickedstangs

    wickedstangs Well-Known Member

    I have been reading alot of what you have told me.. I come to find out I do have two accounts. I am trying to merge one. I got to the point where I have downloaded an archive but, not sure how to upload it.

    Next question is when you like a thread can it post it on a page or an account?
  9. tajhay

    tajhay Well-Known Member

    I dont believe such an addon exists, however there is social share by xfrocks which shares profile posts, posts, threads by user to your page.
  10. wickedstangs

    wickedstangs Well-Known Member

    ok, when I recommend a thread on my foxbodymustangs.org account it post it on my main account and not my foxbodymustang.org page? :(



    And My Page.
  11. tajhay

    tajhay Well-Known Member

    Yes that is exactly how it works. It goes on the personal account, rather than the page.

    Think of it like this. Your main account is your personal account. All the pages you create ie for your sites are linked to it. When you like/recommend something, a personal account is used for that. That said, you can also switch to your page and then like other sites etc, and they will be shown on the sidebar of that sites page.
  12. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    There used to be an option in the actual recommend/like button to post it to your feed (on your personal account), or your page. It's gone now. :-/

    I just learned of it.

    However, you can post to your page by going to the actual page and filling in the "what's on your mind" box with your link and a few comments about that link... That's how I do it anyway.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2014

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