XF 2.2 Facebook Graph API v8.0: No profile pictures anymore


A few week ago I received an email from Facebook to do something for my connection. I didn't do any thing with the email but now I don't receive any profile pictures anymore.

Action required: You need to generate a client or app token to access user pictures starting October 23, 2020 @ 10AM PDT.

As part of Graph API v8.0, we've made changes to our token requirements. These changes will impact your app
Any idea how to fix this? Do I need to do anything in the admin of XenForo or something special with my Facebook developers account?


Thank you!

I looked at the app with your documentation and it looks like everything is already upgraded to v8.0 at Facebook. When I use the dropdown the v8.0 is the only option.


Maybe I need to reset the client token or something?


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When you say "don't receive profile pictures" any more, do you mean on the connected accounts page? If so, this is unlikely to be something that we are likely to change as this mostly relates to historical data and it's quite possibly something we can't update. (This is probably related to your Facebook application being older and the user IDs stored not being application-specific.)

Or are you referring to new registrations not pulling avatars from Facebook? I believe that should still work and actually if it does, that would probably mean that the new stored user IDs are application-specific and should load on the connected accounts page as well (based on FB documentation).


Yes, the second option. When somebody is registered there is no avatar anymore. Old registrations still have the avatars,

I guess this is because I didn't do anything with the Graph 8.0 email from Facebook.