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Ok I obviously can't get this to work so I'm wondering if anyone has come across Facebook Credits built to integrate with Zend Framework?

I can easily change it to integrate with XenForo but I'm not sure if it even exists. I hate dealing with Javascript and trying to figure out why order_details is not passing from within FB to my callback.

You need to forget Zend Framework exists.

You need to integrate Facebook Credits with PHP. It's nothing to do with Zend.

Zend is not a language. Zend is a framework. XenForo uses some parts (a surprisingly small part) of Zend Framework to accomplish certain things such as connecting to the database.

So forget it.
You right Chris. I am treating my callback as an HTML page at the root of my test site. So far so good, hate Open Graph still. Have to figure out if I need to include my channel file in this new HTML file as well or what.
EDIT: Figured it out, unfortunately I cannot share the code due to an NDA I agreed to with my client.
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