Lack of interest Extend the discussion function to a comment handler


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The current discussion system does not allow addons to use forum posts for comments.
For example if we want to have a page, blog, resource, with comments below it then we need to build a commenting system instead because its not possible to make use of the discussion function.
This leads to duplication of functionality and also gives addon developers the dilemma whether or not to add a 'new comments' tab to /find-new/ on top of their normal implementation of find-new.

It's just not handy the way it is and it would be useful to implement an improvement.

Having a more flexible discussion function would make it easy to create things like this:


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Actually, this would also help things like Reports - if someone reports something the moderators often want to have an actual discussion about it before action is taken.

Right now we have a very limited comment based system in the report center, or else you have to turn off all the tracking facilities if you want to use an actual forum thread to discuss reports.

@Alfa1 's suggestion would potentially allow us to have both - a report becomes just another type of content which can be associated with a thread and thus automatically gets all the other abilities that threads do, such as being able to subscribe to them, get notifications of replies and so on.


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This would also allow us to create one big 'New Posts' function that has all new content in it. This would make content discussion so much easier on XenForo. Currently comments stay hidden in a lot of cases.

Brent W

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The default Report System is very poor when it comes to allowing moderators to discuss and maintain alert of new activity. Hope that is addressed at some point in XF 2


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If we had one comment handler in core, then 3rd party functionality added to comments would work for any addon.
it would also be much easier for developers to add comments to their addons.
The effect of this would be quite significant.