Cannot reproduce Exit from Lightbox goes to top of thread in Edge browser

Because this behaviour only happens in the Edge browser and not in Chrome or Firefox, I think it's a bug. When I'm in a multi-posting thread, viewing photos in a thread not at the top of the page, say a thread in the middle of the page, and I click outside the lightbox photo viewer to go back to the text, I get taken to the top of the page. In a thread like the example I'm linking to here, it's very inconvenient, as it's difficult to remember which posting I was viewing.
I'm on Windows 10.

It's already difficult enough to get the name of the last photo I looked at, but when I can't even get directly to the same posting, it's impossible.
Can you reproduce it here?
Thank you for the attention to this. Is there any way you could lead me to a thread that I'm allowed to view that has enough replies that I have to scroll down and that has a photo? Is there one you looked at that I'm allowed to view? If not, I guess I could create one in the test area.


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Well this thread should be scrollable already, so I've attached an image.


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Great! Yes, it happened to me here. Clicked the image when the screen looked like the first pic; when I clicked outside the image to return to the text, my screen looked like the second pic.
xenForo-Viewer-exit-test1.jpg xenForo-Viewer-exit-test2.jpg
OK, it does not happen to me on my Toshiba notebook. The machine it happens on is an Envy 23 all-in-one. Both machines are running Windows 10. The Envy is a touch screen, though I never touch it, always use a mouse. I see that when I touch the screen outside the lightbox, it behaves properly, not moving to the top of the page. So it's only with the Microsoft mouse on the Edge browser that this happens.

Well, at least I have a work-around.


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From my end, I've been testing with a mouse and haven't been able to reproduce the issue.