Fixed Media Tag always jumps to top of thread in editor


Apologies if this is already known, I did search a few times and couldn't find any thread on this...

When I'm posting a thread and want to embed a video it ALWAYS places it at the very top of the thread. I even just tried it now on this site and it does the same thing. This is really frustrating as I keep having to go up to the top cut and paste it where it should be.

I'm guessing such an obvious bug has been reported and is being worked on.

Any advice?



Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Ah that could be it.


Have you considered upgrading to IE9 or are you still using Windows XP? Even better, have you considered using Chrome instead?
Unfortunately I'm currently using a work computer that can't be changed. :mad:

I'll try it on Firefox when I get back from my business trip and see if it works on that. Of course I would expect XenForo to support IE8 though in any case.
Please post in the support forum for help with your installation.
This is the resolved bugs forum.
Yes I will do so today :) thank you Brogan, I just wanted to confirm it is a default xenforo feature before posting a thread about this bug, I thought it's an add-on feature.