Examples of sites using xenForo


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I am evaluating what can be done with xenForo and would like to show my bosses some examples of different implementations. Care to share you sites?


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Mine is a small very social oriented board, with a lot of protected content. Not live yet so some places empty of content.

The design is not standard and not at all the fashionable grey and black.
Has a nice feature of category design inherited through category content with a forum level logo and colours, containers.
I am implementing a "joinable forums" addon which acts like social groups. Each category uses the colour/ logo design theme to strengthen group ID.

Probably nothing like what you want but it does add to the range.
You're welcome to look. See my signature.

Anthony Parsons

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Does a xenforo site exist that uses an integrated custom cms solution? (no xenporta, widget portal or the other unfinished cms).
IGN... uses Wordpress with Xenforo, completely integrated. The addon for WP and XF exists in the addon repository here, from memory.

I believe IGN use their own proprietary single signon solution though.